i need…more female singers in my playlist hahahh… all the songs and albums i buy are usually male utaite…

i’ve been listening to himawari’s covers of hotaru and kiseki*indication a lot, prob gonna be listening to aimer’s EP a lot once i get it, and i’ve always liked utada hikaru’s voice and songs, like i could listen to sakura nagashi over and over. i also really like the singer from A/Z’s ending song aLIEz, along with the song itself

KK 『Velvet tread』 (MUSIC VIDEO) 

KK uploaded “Velvet tread,” the song that Heavenz wrote for his album!!!
The video is also really beautiful!

What's you JLPT level?

I actually haven’t tried taking the test yet?? I’ve been meaning to for a while now, but err, I’m bad at planning in advance… Grammar-wise, I’m probably close to N2, kanji and vocab is kinda ehhh…. I forget a lot of them.

amatsuki’s new cover is so cool aaaaa!!!

【犬猫店長】 秘密警察を歌ってみた 

Team Pet Shop uploaded their cover of “Himitsu Keisatsu” from their album!!

☪『アスノヨゾラ哨戒班』 を歌ってみた。by天月 


Amatsuki covered “Asu no Yozora Shoukaihan”!

こうくんに騙されたー くっそwwwwww

earlier he was talking about when he “used” to be in high school, so everyone assumes he’s in college or something right now? someone asked his age, and he said he wouldn’t tell but told everyone to guess, and most of the guesses were around 22~25

and then a little later he’s like, “actually, the truth is i’m actually high school just like most of you. i’m a third-year” and i’m EH wait really???

and then… a certain song starts playing, and he shouts loudly with echo effect うそだよー!!(JUST KIDDING)

i been yobanashi deceived

Amatsuki is uploading a video at 6PM today!!


A story of a girl who becomes involved with her future self.

Quarrel with the Doppelganger" (NND/YT) by Minus-P of WONDERFUL☆OPPORTUNITY! has been announced for a novel adaptation! Check out the official site! 

Also while your at it check out his previous (unrelated) novel adaption of his “Uproar of Teacher and Girl” series! And Jesus-P’s novel adaption of “Death Should Not of Taken Thee!” if you have time! I have scans and some translations of both of these novels on my scan blog, and I plan on preordering this one when it gets put on amazon.jp ^q^ I’m WanOpo trash;;




How I’ll be ordering anything from now on.

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